Phillies Hope Sunny Days are Ahead, or Else Solar Program is Complete Failure


The Phillies have thus far been widely panned as a feel-good story of 2013.

Soak up that sun, Dom! May this year you’ll find some *power* of your own! Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the age and health of most of our starters, that they’re feeling anything is sort of a medical marvel.  But the one thing the Phillies are hoping they can bank on this season is that their players will at least be able to feel the warm glow of the sun on their faces.

If not, the Phillies have at least a strong farm system to fall back on.

Wait, these aren’t hot young prospects!  They’re industrial-sized solar panels, driven into the concrete to avoid damaging the soil!  What’s going on here?!?!?!

Ha ha ha ha.  We’re having some fun.  This isn’t the Phillies’ minor league farm system, it’s their solar farm system, which, run by Keystone Solar, was recently recognized as a “Project of Distinction 2013” at the PV America East 2013  trade  show.  This is exciting news, as it maintains the Phillies’ ongoing efforts to remain proactive sustainably.  From a baseball standpoint it’s pretty much a nonfactor.

Unless Michael Young’s well being is solar powered!  Let’s find out!

The Phillies may not believe in walks as a productive baseball statistic, but they aren’t painfully ignorant when it comes to clean energy.  This is a project they have made into a priority time and time again, each instance allowing for hilarious, metaphorical headlines.

In the mean time, we can continue having that cloudy outlook on the 2013 season.  Nothing has really changed in that vein.