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Welcome to That Balls Outta Here, the Philadelphia Phillies news and opinions site brought to you by the FanSided Network. That Balls Outta Here is dedicated to providing top-notch Phillies news, views, and original content. This site also serves as a community for like-minded fans to come together to catch up on the latest news and to discuss their passion.


Michael Fisher, Site expert

Michael has been a Blue Jays and baseball fan since the early 90s. He started out writing for Jays Journal and FanSided MLB before becoming the editor for That Ball's Outta Here. The Phillies have been his second team ever since the late Roy Halladay joined them. The only thing he likes more than baseball is playing fantasy baseball! Follow @FishyFisher82 on X

Tiffany Brennan, Contributor

Tiffany is a contributing writer for That Ball's Outta Here. After over a decade of sports editing, she decided to jump to the other side of things and write about the team she's been a fan of her whole life, the Phillies. She is always down for sharing her lineup takes and reminiscing about the 2008 world [bleeping] champion Phillies. Follow @tbrennan08 on X

Justin DiVirgilio, Contributor

Justin DiVirgilio is a Contributing Writer for The Sixer Sense and That Ball's Outta Here. He holds a particular passion for the Philadelphia 76ers and Phillies, NBA, MLB, and enjoyer of sports debates. Justin has the aspiration to become a full-time sportswriter. Follow @_JDiVirgilio on X

Edward Eng, Contributor

Edward has been a part of That Ball’s Outta Here since July 2023 and aims to share his passion and love of baseball through his writing. Follow @EdwardEng2023 on X

Kevin Lagowski, Contributor

A crazed Philadelphia sports fan for over a quarter-century. Check out Kevin's book "I'm Getting a Sports Complex: Trials & Tribulations of a Thirtysomething Philadelphia Sports Fan", as well as his writings at PhillySportsComplex.com. The only undefeated two-time winner on 94 WIP's "Beat the Hammer." Follow @biglagowski on X

Eric Moratelli, Contributor

Eric is a fan of all Philadelphia sports teams, especially the Phillies. He has been watching and attending games for over 30 years. He follows all aspects of the game. Eric is excited to share his love of the game with other fans. Follow @eric_moratelli on X

Mike Sadowsky, Contributor

Mike is a contributing writer for That Ball’s Outta Here. He fell in love with baseball at a young age and has been following the Phillies ever since, rarely missing a game. He grew up right outside Philadelphia and currently lives in North Jersey with his wife and two kids. Mike loves writing about sports, the Phillies in particular, and welcomes any type of sports discussion. Follow @mikesadowsk22 on X

Paul Taylor, Contributor

Paul writes for FanSided as a contributor for Jays Journal and That Ball’s Outta Here, and as co-site expert for Oil On Whyte. Grateful to graduate with a first class BA honors in journalism & media degree, he has covered numerous MLS, NHL, MLB, NFL, CFL & NLL events over the years, while being fortunate enough to interview various sporting personalities one-on-one, including Roger Goodell. Throughout it all, the one message he has for anyone in the industry is to never take it for granted Follow @EnglishPaul07 on X

Matt Dargan, Contributor

Matt Dargan grew up outside of Boston and became a diehard fan of the Red Sox at an early age. He graduated with a B.S. in communication and journalism from Suffolk University, and has previous experience as a multimedia journalist for the Boston Herald, in addition to some time spent as an intern for sports radio station WEEI. A Philadelphia resident since 2014, providing Phillies news and articles have become a recent passion. Follow @MattDargan79 on Twitter.

Jake Huber, Contributor

Jake is a contributing writer for That Ball's Outta Here and Co-Founder of TheDiamondClub.Blog. A Delaware native but a lifelong Phillies fan, his passion for baseball and writing brought him to the site. When he's not selling cars, you can find him in or around Citizens Bank Park, spending most of his summer and fall at the stadium. Jake is excited to share his love for his Phillies with other fans and could literally talk about his team all night long. Follow @JHuber_4 on Twitter.

Shannon Finegan, Contributor

Shannon is a contributing writer for That Ball's Outta Here and Inside the Iggles. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she's a die-hard Phillies and Eagles fan with some of her greatest memories being celebrating in South Philly and on Broad Street. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Sport Management, she has been working her way through the sports industry and found her niche in the sports media sector. She works seasonally for NFL Films as a Media Researcher. She's an avid reader and aspiring writer and analyst. Follow @shanfin0 on X.

Matt Grazel, Contributor

Matt has been a baseball fan since the early 90s. He grew up going to Phillies games and collecting baseball cards. He started writing about several teams for The Hockey Writers from 2021 to 2023 before contributing to FanSided. He covered the Phillies briefly for Last Word on Sports before joining That Ball’s Outta Here. He also writes about the Philadelphia Eagles for Inside the Iggles. Follow @MattGrazel on X

Justin Heinze, Contributor

Justin has covered news, sports, and politics in the Philadelphia area for the past decade. His favorite Phillies memory is winning tickets as a 6-year-old with his father to see Game 5 of the 1993 World Series. He's also a published poet currently at work on his first novel. Read more of his work at justinheinze.com. Follow @heinzejm on X.


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