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Welcome to That Balls Outta Here, the Philadelphia Phillies news and opinions site brought to you by the FanSided Network. That Balls Outta Here is dedicated to providing top-notch Phillies news, views, and original content. This site also serves as a community for like-minded fans to come together to catch up on the latest news and to discuss their passion.


Eric Treuden, Site Expert

Eric Treuden (troy-din) has covered baseball for years for multiple different media outlets including FanSided.com, Yardbarker, Wisconsin Sports Heroics, Reviewing the Brew and Call to the Pen. He is currently a FanSided MLB utilityman and the site expert for Jays Journal (Blue Jays) and That Ball's Outta Here (Phillies). Follow @ETreuden on Twitter.

Justin DiVirgilio, Contributor

Justin DiVirgilio is a Contributing Writer for The Sixer Sense and That Ball's Outta Here. Justin holds a particular passion for the Philadelphia 76ers and Phillies, NBA, MLB, and enjoyer of sports debates. Justin has the aspiration to become a full-time sportswriter. Follow @_JDiVirgilio on Twitter.

David Domzalski, Contributor

David Domzalski has been a storyteller and content marketer for over 12 years. He started loving the Philadelphia Phillies in 1993 and continued as a devoted fan ever since. Originally from the Philadelphia area, David now resides in Gettysburg, PA with his wife and children. You can find his work in Forbes, Yahoo, and other outlets. He also founded RunTheMoney.com and the Dad Devotionals podcast. Follow @DavidDomzalski on Twitter.

Edward Eng, Contributor

Edward aims to share his passion and love of baseball through his writing. Follow @EdwardEng2023 on Twitter.

Michael Fisher, Contributor

Michael Fisher has been a Blue Jays and baseball fan since the early 90s. He recently turned his love of baseball, and sports in general, into a job writing for JaysJournal, That Ball's Outta Here and Fansided MLB. He also is an avid fantasy baseball player and now writes about fantasy baseball for SportsEthos.com. Follow @FishyFisher82 on Twitter.

Kevin Lagowski, Contributor

A crazed Philadelphia sports fan for over a quarter-century. Check out Kevin's book "I'm Getting a Sports Complex: Trials & Tribulations of a Thirtysomething Philadelphia Sports Fan", as well as his writings at PhillySportsComplex.com. The only undefeated two-time winner on 94 WIP's "Beat the Hammer." Follow @biglagowski on Twitter.

Eric Moratelli, Contributor

Eric is a fan of all Philadelphia sports teams, especially the Phillies. He has been watching and attending games for over 30 years. He follows all aspects of the game. Eric is excited to share his love of the game with other fans. Follow @eric_moratelli on Twitter.

Aiden Stepansky, Contributor

Aiden has covered sports for multiple publications including The Daily Orange and Softball America. He is currently a student journalist at Syracuse University and does feature stories for FanSided's That Ball's Outta Here. Follow @aidenstepansky on Twitter.

Paul Taylor, Contributor

Grateful to graduate with a first class BA honors in journalism & media degree, Paul has covered numerous MLS, NHL, MLB, NFL, CFL & NLL events over the years, while being fortunate enough to interview various sporting personalities one-on-one, including Roger Goodell. Throughout it all, the one message he has for anyone in the industry is to never take it for granted. Follow @EnglishPaul07on Twitter.


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