Phillies will face a boisterous crowd this season with a division rivals’ new rules

The Phillies will be up against a different atmosphere when they play in Miami this season.
The Miami Marlins are changing the rules to allow more items to be brought into home games at loanDepot Park this season
The Miami Marlins are changing the rules to allow more items to be brought into home games at loanDepot Park this season / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to baseball, home-field advantage can often make a huge difference in providing the added motivation and energy for the home team to perform at their best. In the case of the Philadelphia Phillies, they sure have it working to their full advantage, as we have all witnessed Citizens Bank Park play a key role in their recent postseason success.

One of the Phillies’ NL East division rivals is apparently trying to take things to another level for the 2024 MLB season. As reported by Andy Slater of Fox Sports 640 South Florida, the Miami Marlins announced that starting this year, fans will be able to bring flags, drums, and all musical instruments to home games to cheer on their team at loanDepot Park.

Their aim is probably to create a rambunctious, hostile environment — much like the atmosphere loanDepot Park experienced during last year's World Baseball Classic, as The New York Times' James Wagner describes. While it won't rival the passion of the international competition at the WBC, visiting teams will have a lot more to contend with when facing the Marlins this season. At least pots and pans remain prohibited items, or things might get out of hand very quickly.

With the implementation of a more balanced schedule in recent years, the Phillies won’t see the Marlins as much as they would have in previous seasons. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that last season, the Phillies struggled against Miami, posting a losing 6-7 record during the regular season.

Fortunately, the Phillies got their revenge in the playoffs when they swept the Marlins in the NL Wild Card Series. Nevertheless, with the new ballpark rules implemented by the Marlins this season, having to endure potential bedlam every time the Phillies pay them a visit will become an added obstacle to tackle.

The Phillies will visit Miami for a three-game series from May 10 to 12. We'll have to tune in to see if the new rules make a difference.

Hopefully, the Phillies can come up with their own way to augment their home-field advantage this year to help even things up in the long run. Especially if they can keep the pots and pans away, we are here for it.