Is Citizens Bank Park the secret to the Phillies' playoff success?

Forget the hitting, defense and pitching. Citizens Bank Park is apparently what the Phillies need for postseason success.
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies - Game One
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies - Game One / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

For the Philadelphia Phillies, they have certainly been firing on all cylinders so far in the MLB playoffs, with both their hitting and pitching at their best. In doing so, they made quick work of their division rivals in the Miami Marlins and will now face the NL East champion Atlanta Braves in the NLDS.

However, the players and the coaching haven't been the only things working to the Phillies' advantage so far this postseason. Apparently, they have a secret weapon for playoff success that weighs heavily in their favor. That "top" secret is none other than playing at their home ballpark, Citizens Bank Park, according to Sarah Langs of

Dating all the way back to 2007, when the Phillies hosted their first-ever playoff game at Citizens Bank Park, they have gone an incredible 24-11 when playing on their home turf. That comes out to a .686 winning percentage, which gives them the best postseason record of any home ballpark (minimum 20 games played), with second place being the New York Mets playing at Shea Stadium (.667) and third place being the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium II (.660).

No wonder they dispatched the Marlins so rapidly, since they practically had home-field advantage in more ways than one, as the Phillies hosted the entire series. However, in the upcoming NLDS the Braves will have home-field advantage due to having the better record during the regular season and winning the division.

But the Braves should definitely worry if they ever fall to the Phillies in any game at Truist Park, as they would then have to contend with the best home ballpark postseason mark in all of baseball, which could potentially be a daunting task to overcome.

So, for all those Phillies fanatics out there, remember to cheer on your favorite team, especially when they return home to Citizens Bank Park, to ensure it continues to give the Phillies the full home-field advantage experience.