TBOH MLB Power Ranking


The 2nd “TBOH Power Ranking” of the season releases, with my current top 10 teams in Major League Baseball. The basic ranking is arrived at through an evaluation of statistics provided by Fangraphs, emphasizing team WAR calculations in hitting and pitching, and factoring in defense through their UZR/150 category.

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For the first time here, I have built-in an actual “standings” component to the statistical evaluations used to determine the final team score for the ranking. Both last year at my website, and back on June 1st here at TBOH, a team’s win-loss record was not factored into the ranking determination. But I am yielding to a simple truth: in the end, it’s about winning games.

Another change from that June 1st piece is that one showed just the Top 10 in the rankings. Beginning with this piece, the TBOH Power Ranking will show all 30 MLB teams, including the hometown Philadelphia Phillies. As could be expected, the Phils don’t fare well. They are currently ranked at the bottom, 30th out of 30 teams.

In addition to simply being the worst team in the MLB standings, the Phillies are statistically 29th in Hitting, 29th in Pitching, and 26th in Fielding. There is clearly a lot of work to be done to improve the product on the field at Citizens Bank Park. With the exception of 3rd baseman Maikel Franco, almost none of that work has even yet begun to appear in Phillies pinstripes.

The Power Ranking below shows the Top 10 teams with a little blurb, followed by the remaining 20 teams in a list. All 30 teams show a number next to their name, which is their points score based on the order of their rankings in the categories mentioned above.

Los Angeles Dodgers. 1. team. 71. The Dodgers currently lead the NL West by 4.5 games, and are 3rd in the National League, 4th in MLB in the overall standings. They are a well-balanced squad, showing up 3rd in Pitching and 2nd in Hitting, and have a nice blend of veterans and youth.. 107. Previous: 6th

Saint Louis Cardinals. 2. team. 33. . The Cards are up to their usual tricks this year, playing consistently solid hardball, leading the NL Central by 2.5 games, and have the NL’s best overall record. Despite the loss of ace <strong><a href=. 101. Previous: 5th

2. team. 7. The defending American League champions are back on top of the AL Central by 4.5 games at the All-Star break, and have the best record in the AL overall. Once again, the Royals have the top-ranked defense in the game, and their offense is ranked 4th. Only their 15th-ranked pitching, mostly due to the starting rotation, could get in the way of a return trip to the World Series.. 101. Previous: 1st. Kansas City Royals

9. The Cubbies seem to be getting better and better as the season moves along, and are bringing some outstanding young talent into the mix for 2015 and beyond. The team is 7 games over the .500 mark, but that still trails the Cards by 8 and Pirates by 5.5 in the NL Central standings. It’s a 13th-ranked offense holding them back. If the young bats take off, look out above.. 94. Previous: 10th. Chicago Cubs. 4. team

102. The hot Halos took over the AL West lead just before the All-Star break, now holding a 1/2 game edge on Houston, having played 3 fewer games than the Astros. Not truly excelling anywhere, but they have few hurtful weaknesses: 9th in Hitting, 9th in Fielding, 12th in Pitching. Strengthen that pitching staff with a couple of key acquisitions, and they could run away with the division. If not, it should stay a dog fight.. 87. Previous: 7th. Los Angeles Angels. 5. team

90. There is no doubt about it, the Nats have been the single most injury-plagued team of the season’s first half. If they get healthy, they’ll do to the NL East what they did a year ago, run away with it. For now, those injuries continue to keep them sputtering along with just a 2 game divisional lead. The pitching remains excellent, tied at the top of the game. But the lineup needs some health to strengthen a 14th ranked offense, and an 18th ranked defense.. 86. Previous: Unranked. Washington Nationals. 6. team

In the standings, the O’s are a pedestrian .500 team, in 3rd place of a packed AL East battle. They are 4 back of the Yankees, a half ahead of the Jays, a half behind the Rays. It’s tight, and a 14th-ranked Pitching staff is the main reason that Buck’s boys are not back in control here. They need to find a way to shore up the starting rotation. If they do, they are the team to beat in the division.. 85. Previous: Unranked. Baltimore Orioles. 7. team. 11

83. Previous: 9th. New York Mets. 8. team. 3. Perhaps no team in all of MLB has ownership/management that gets lambasted by their fan base for not going out and doing something to help bolster their team than the Mets. Well, if those in power in Queens want to prove that false, it may be time to strike. The team is in 2nd place in the NL East, just 2 games out at the All-Star break. They are just a game off a Wildcard pace. Bottom line, they’re right in the thick of it. Pitching is 5th, Fielding is 7th, but an 18th-ranked offense needs a couple of productive bats if they want to make the postseason.

Tampa Bay Rays. 9. team. 21. Perhaps no team in all of baseball is more of a pleasant surprise than the Rays. Their 2nd-ranked defense means a lot. They play fundamentally sound ball, rarely beating themselves. However, the 13th-ranked Pitching and 15th-ranked Hitting will need help if they are to actually reach the postseason. Tampa is 5 behind the Yanks in the loss column in the AL East race, 3 games out of a Wildcard.. 81. Previous: 3rd

4. The Bucs were baseball’s hard-chargers as the All-Star break came, and they have to keep riding that momentum into the 2nd half. Wildcards the last two seasons, Pittsburgh controls a spot once again by 5.5 games. They have also moved within just 2.5 of the rival Cards in the NL Central race. They have a massive black eye, the 23rd-ranked Fielding in the game. As a huge proponent of defense in a pennant race and the postseason, I believe they need to address this one major fatal flaw before they can contend for either the division or a World Series.. 76. Previous: Unranked. Pittsburgh Pirates. 10. team

11 – Detroit Tigers (74)

12 – Houston Astros (71)

13 – New York Yankees (70)

14 – San Francisco Giants (69)

15 – Toronto Blue Jays (67)

16 – Arizona Diamondbacks (63)

17 – Minnesota Twins (61)

18 – Cleveland Indians (58)

19 – Miami Marlins (55)

20 – Cincinnati Reds (54)

21 – Boston Red Sox (47)

22 – Texas Rangers (45)

23 – Oakland Athletics (40)

24 – Chicago White Sox (39)

25 – Seattle Mariners (36)

26 – Colorado Rockies (33)

27 – Atlanta Braves (30)

28 – Milwaukee Brewers (27)

29 – San Diego Padres (23)

30 – Philadelphia Phillies (10)