Phillies Fans Put on List so that They Will Talk About List


The  Brand Keys Sports Loyalty Index is a thing that measures loyalty in large bases of baseball fans.

This is accomplished by

…and then the person says, “Yes, I liked the Philbies, even before they were good,” and the surveyor says, “…are you sure?” and the person says “yes” and the surveyor moves on. Hey who put this video of a big group back-flip on skis over my extremely interesting explanation of how a loyalty survey index functions.

It seems that “fan loyalty” is something that can be measured and needs to be measured, so people measured it in order to spawn thousands of blog posts like this is one and inspire intelligent, productive debate among that most sought-after of demographics, sports fans on the internet.

So where did Phillies fans rank?  Second, behind the Yankees.  The Cardinals, Giants, and Braves ranked behind them.

You can always tell how flawless a fan loyalty measurement system is by how “in the top five” the Braves fans rank.  The Mets cracked the bottom five, and on the NBA side the Heat – the Miami Heat – ranked number one in fan loyalty.

Number one.  The team that signed all the best players in the league so they could win six or seven titles.  Loyalty.

So, keep that loyalty up, people, and we’ll catch those Yankees.  Just make sure to be home when the loyalty inspector comes around.