Ty Wigginton Naturally Garners Interest of Most Successful Baseball Team in Human History


After dropping an easy pop-up at third yesterday, it’s no surprise that the New York Yankees have expressed interest in getting to know Ty Wigginton.

As ESPN anchors reported through a curtain of tears, A-Rod was one of the casualties of Felix Hernandez’s misfires in a recent game in which the Seattle ace was hitting his spots pretty successfully, if his spots were players on the other team.

The incident broke A-Rod’s hand, and has since sent the Yankees on a quest to find some sort of person to fill in where there used to be a future Hall-of-Famer.  When people say the phrase “Future Hall-of-Famer,” they naturally think of Wigginton, and that’s how we find ourselves where we are today.

Sure, it’d be great to get something for Wigginton, just like it would have been nice to get something for Polanco, the guy who’s supposed to be out there.  But, as with a Victorino trade, the question becomes, who will play the position in his absence?  Especially since Polanco just went to the DL?

Michael Martinez?  I guess?  Whoever it would be wouldn’t be much of an improvement on Wigginton, who’d be playing there now anyway.  Unless there’s like a… prospect… or a guy.  I don’t know.  The point is, sadly, even with interest in Wigginton, the timing isn’t great to let him go.  Which seems impossible.  The timing was fine yesterday when we were all booing the christ out of him and the rest of the infield wasn’t even letting him join the mound meeting.

But unfortunately, the Phillies front office does not make roster moves based on boos.

Yet.  We have no idea how Cole Hamels’ “I stayed for the fans” extension will affect future deals.