Other Teams Not as Excited About Shane Victorino Deal as Phillies


It would be sort of a shame if Shane Victorino’s lasting legacy on this team was to be a below average reliever, but before the trade deadline, seeking bullpen help and wielding a centerfielder, that’s what the Phillies may wind up with.

Or, they won’t, if the other team has anything to say about it.

Victorino remains at the front of the Phillies trade bait, and like most players who have been asked, he has stated fervently that he has no desire to leave.  So, when the team was tired of spreading rumors and finally pulled the trigger on a deal, they were expecting to have a very upset Shane Victorino on their hands.  Of course, they were also expecting the Reds to not ruin everything by turning the deal down.  Which they did.

The Phillies had been trying to snag Cincinnati reliever and Game of Thrones ancillary character Logan Ondrusek, but their offer of Shane Victorino was turned down.  The Pirates reportedly had the same reaction to a similar deal involving Brad Lincoln.  The Dodgers have yet to release the hounds on Ruben and the gang for suggesting the same thing in their office for Josh Lindbolm, but nothing is official yet, which is the most common phrase you will hear over the next five days.


Meanwhile, Shane is digging his claws into the floor in case they try to drag him out.  It would be crappy, if that happened, but his downward skid is intersecting quite resoundingly with his contract at a time when the Phillies need to loosen up some money.  Also, I’m no analyst, but who plays center field without Shane?  Scott Proefrock?

But three magical days in late July don’t make the bullpen any better.  So it’s become somewhat of an inevitablility that Shane will be moved, most likely for one guy, most likelier for one guy who relief pitches.  And he will be the middlest, least heard of pitcher on a hopefully competitive team.