Michael Stutes Sent Away to Live With Other Family


Just like you diagnosed, Michael Stutes has an inflammed right shoulder and will be quarantined to the DL for 15 days.  As usual, we turn to philly.com commenters to provide us with emotional stability:

"“This team is a disaster that deserves to end up in last place.”“the phillies have two jewish relievers doing very well at lehigh v… is there prejudice in the front office keeping rosenberg and schwimer down on the farm?”“…a slew of injuries almost one a day now (do they actually have a strength and conditioning program?)”"

Ah, yes.  The soothing breeze of logic.

Michael Schwimer will be promoted to fill the bullpen spot vacated by Stutes, prompting me to sit at my laptop last night and consider making some kind of joke in the headline about them both being “Michael S.”  Then I realized no one is referred to in that format unless they’re signing off on mysterious messages written in cut-out magazine letters and went to bed.

Questions were raised about Stutes’ well being even before last night’s game.  He claimed to be ready to pitch, and even told an adorable story about hoping the phone was for him every time it rang in the bullpen Tuesday night.  Unfortunately, Phillies seem to have a way of downplaying their injuries, regardless of seriousness.  When will they learn that there is no shame in bursting into tears in front of your coaches because of how bad your body hurts?

Anyways, it will be good to see Schwimer again.  Because he has an arm without inflammation.