Everyone Agrees Charlie Manuel and Vance Worley Almost Worthy of Honor


You’ve probably heard of this site Call to the Pen by now.  It’s this incredibly informative source of MLB news, as well as careful, if at times frantic, editorials on baseball’s other topics.  Basically, it’s everything you’ve been looking for in the internet–and more!!  But not unrealistically more.  Nobody promised you that.  Nobody promised you anything.

It’s a perfectly feasible, approachable amount of stuff.  About baseball.  You’ll love it.

Anyways, Call to the Pen is in the middle of revealing who we the editors loved so much in 2011 that we would like to bestow upon them the honor of seeing their names on the internet.  Obviously, our votes are expected to be objective and thoughtful, and of course, mine were made through impassioned keystrokes and fiery-eyed bias.

Despite this, other did feel the same way as me, giving my highly questionable motives a small morsel of credibility.  The point is, we’ve had Manager of the Year and Rookie of the Year voting thus far and I’ve managed to get Charlie the #3 spot and Vance the #4 on their respective lists.

Who were the other names?  If you’re like me, you do not care.  Just kidding.  I care about stuff.  You should too.  Seriously, if the Phillies and this website are the only things going on in your life, you should stop reflect on your life.

Are you still here?  Good.  That was a test.  Don’t ever leave this website.  Refresh it a lot to increase my views.  Thanks.  I love you, too.  Don’t ever leave me.

And don’t forget to check out that stuff on Call to the Pen.  They’re only going to do more; I remember casting a lot of votes.