Mini Series 6-Pack: “Philadelphia Delphias.”


We can only fit half a six pack in before the game starts, so drink fast!  Chug along with Michael Jong of Marlin Maniac.

1.  So this is kind of fun, right?  Random double-header dropped in here like this?  Let me ask you something.  What happened with the Cameron/flight attendant thing.  I’ll admit I haven’t been paying attention to that story too much because I obviously have more important things to do.

Michael:  From what I heard, he got into a non-physical altercation with a flight attendant and the team decided it was best to cut him. Honestly, had the information not gotten out that it was due to said altercation, the Cameron cut would have been a completely unimportant blurb in a meaningless September month.

Cameron is a veteran player who is on his way to retirement, and the Marlins have nothing to play for in 2011 outside of auditioning their young players. However, because it was due to conduct problems, it got the attention of talking head blog posts like this one. But hey, all publicity is good publicity right??????

2.  How psyched are you to become the Miami Marlins?  And why not the Florida Marlins of Miami, Angels-style?  What will change?  Is this all just a subtle campaign to make people think more about the Heat?  Do you like the Heat?

Michael:  I love the Heat. I love the Marlins, and I’m fine with the Miami Marlins. Hell, it has a better ring to it. Alliteration is always a plus when naming. Consider if the Philadelphia Phillies were instead the “Philadelphia Delphias.” How stupid would that have been? It would have been very stupid and entirely because there was no alliteration. It’s a good thing.

3.  Everyone knows this lineup is better with Chase Utley in it, which he will be, starting tomorrow.  Isn’t he wonderful?  Why do you think people think he’s so mean?  I don’t think he’s ever told off a flight attendant, so why the label?

Michael:  I’m a big Chase Utley fan. He deserves more credit for his role in the 2005-current era Phillies. And if he were so mean, why would he graciously allow opposing pitchers to hit him on the sides with pitches all the time every year? I mean, he goes out of his way to help pitchers hit him. What a nice fellow.