Go Screw Spring Training


Well everyone, Cole Hamels gave up two three run home runs today, we came face to face with the reality that Chase Utley will not be on the field when the real games start and his potential replacement went 0-4 with two strike outs.

The Phillies are still really good, but there is definitely some bad news emanating from the state of Florida.  The rational reaction to all this bad news is to blame Florida.  I can give up orange juice.  I’ve never been to South Beach.  600% humidity does not interest me.  So go screw Florida.  Leave our damn baseball team alone.

The Twins came to Bright House Field today, wielding sinker specialist Nick Blackburn.  Cole Hamels trudged to the mound today and was tagged for six earned runs in 6 2/3 innings.  He struck out seven, but as mentioned previously, he gave up two three run homers.  Conversely, Blackburn sunk his way through six shut-out innings.

When you are constantly bombarded with news that you don’t want to hear, (like this, this and this) any news seems like it is going to smash you in the nose and ruin your day.  When the best position player on the team has a mystery injury and you are given the option of getting kicked in the balls (Luis Castillo), punched in the throat (Wilson Valdez), or getting thrown down a flight of stairs (Barfield, Orr, ect…), it begins a spiral that ends sobbing longingly into a bottle of LA Looks.

The Phillies lost the baseball game today 7-3.

On a positive note, Placido Polonco will return to the line-up tomorrow as the Phillies take on the Braves at 1:05.  Even a meaningless spring training drubbing of the Braves will make us all feel better.