NL East All-Division Pitching Staff


You may remember FanSided’s NL East All-Division offense.  Everybody from Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and other people that no one can remember were all voted by our NL East editors and skyrocketed to [further] stardom.

Well, this team, if it wants to be at all affective, is going to need pitchers.  Well, myself, and the lead writers of Tomahawk Take, Teddy Never Wins, Rising Apple, and Marlin Maniac banged our heads together and voted for the following guys.  If only we were dealing with a division that featured competent starting pitching of any kind.


  • Roy Halladay
  • Cliff Lee
  • Roy Oswalt
  • Josh Johnson
  • Tommy Hanson

Poor Cole Hamels didn’t quite make the cut, I’m afraid, so at least we didn’t have to feel bad for Joe Blanton all by his lonesome all over again.  Overall, the only guy I didn’t vote for on this list is Hanson, who I’m fine with, I just feel like Cole is better.  Tommy’s got youth, which if you ask anyone, is the Phillies’ main weakness (THEY’RE SO OLD LOL).  But then again, I was toying with a vote for R.A. Dickey, partially because I didn’t have any Mets on my ballot, and partially because why not stick a successful knuckleballer on the ass-end of the rotation with Doc, Cliff, Roy, and Cole?  Worse case scenario, he gets his ass kicked in and we turn around and hand the ball to Roy Halladay.

Set-up Man:

  • Ryan Madson

There just can’t be enough Phillies on this list, I guess.  Ryan proved himself, I thought; he and Brad grabbed hands and skipped dependably into the post season–and most of the way through it.  The only difference was, Brad had more to recover from.


  • Francisco Rodriguez

Well, I voted for Brad, but I’m glad the Mets got a spot on the ballot.  K-Rod’s battled some demons–but he is a great closer.  He’s a formidable opponent, whether you’re facing off against him on a baseball diamond or a stadium hallway, and I am okay with him being picked over Brad Lidge, the only other NL East closer to receive votes.

This pitching, along with our terrifying lineup, is going to be going head-to-head with representatives from Fansided’s other MLB writers and their divisions on Call to the Pen in the coming weeks.