NL East All-Division Roster


Note:  This is meant to be read with this playing in the background, so if you don’t open that in another window while you read, you’re not capitalizing on the experience.

After two weeks of deliberation, here is the FanSided NL East All-Division roster, courtesy of myself, Rising Apple, Marlin Maniac, Tomahawk Take, and Teddy Never Wins.  Drink it in.  Appreciate it.  Bask in its sexy glory.  Roll in it until you can’t wash the scent out of your clothes.  Because this is the NL East.  And we’re no longer the “sad trombone” of the National League.

C – Brian McCann

1B – Ryan Howard

2B – Chase Utley

SS – Hanley Ramirez

3B – Ryan Zimmerman

OF – Mike Stanton

OF – Jayson Werth

OF – Jason Heyward

First, no, we don’t have a true centerfielder.  This was a point of contention at the 11th hour, but the truth was, these three outfielders are who the majority decided were the best in general.  Also, this is a lineup that exists only in our minds, so technically, I could have put the Phillie Phanatic in right and it would have never mattered.

I was the only voter who pulled for someone other than McCann at catcher, and guess who I landed on.  Chooch, I felt, has come into his own as an offensive threat and every pitcher who throws to him falls in love with him–and when you look at that rotation he’s caught for, that’s a hell of a statement.

Other than that, I can’t complain.  Raul’s not the best, “Mystery Right Fielder” isn’t the best, Shane I would have pulled for a year or two ago, but I did not like all that I saw in 2010.  Polly’s fantastic, but Zimmerman’s got him beat.

Besides, we’ve got at least two definite spots locked up in the rotation.  At least.

Ha, ha, the Phillies.