Cory Sullivan Triples His Way into Farm System


The Phillies and Astros continue their tradition of casually intertwining names on their respective rosters.  It would be sort of romantic, if it was a pair of starcrossed lovers and not two professional baseball franchises.

April 9, 2006, Cory Sullivan entered the record books.  By tripling twice in the same inning, he became the 11th player to ever accomplish the feat, in an event that hadn’t occurred in 55 years.  The year after that, he was beaten out a starting centerfield position with the Rockies by Willy Taveras and was directed back toward the minors.

Skipping over the next few years, Cory found himself playing for the Astros, who in 2010 decided to shatter baseball convention and play with five outfielders.  It did not turn them into a contender as they hoped, and Cory, the fifth OF in the equation, found himself DFA’d harder and faster than ever before.  Unlike the rest of his fellow DFA cohorts, he stood up and refused, in a moment that I imagine was emotionally akin to the “I am Spartacus!!scene in Spartacus.

And now, the 31-year-old, .271 career-hitting Sullivan has been shelved into our minor league system, alongside such names as Delwyn Young and Brandon Moss.

Fight for glory, Cory!

"“Good luck, and may fortune smile upon… most of you.”–Batiatus, Spartacus"