Tons of Young Talent Now Clearwater-Bound


So I went to the SixersKnicks game tonight and, I’ve got something to discuss briefly.  It’s been proven on this blog that obviously, I take mascots way too seriously, and after tonight, this needs to be said.

I will say that the Phillie Phanatic is the best mascot in sports.  But tonight, I met Hip-Hop, the rabbit who likes the 76ers; and he is the worst mascot in sports, and I say that without knowing what any other NBA mascots are. Why is he a rabbit?  Why does he like the 76ers? What… what is he doing?Why is he smiling like a jackass? I can only hope he takes that t-shirt gun into the dressing room and, looking at pictures of his dead bunny wife, contemplates turning it on himself.  Terrible.


Human giant Phillippe Aumont, spilled into the Phillies organization in that Cliff Lee deal that wasn’t discussed nearly enough, is going to be a starter! A starting pitcher! Yes, he’s been invited to Spring Training, along with 13 other pretty talented guys like OF Dominic Brown and RHP Ryan Vogelsong, but no, he will probably definitely not be sitting in that fifth starter role.  That’s probably going to be Kendrick; let’s not pretend it’s a big mystery.

Aumont was working from the bullpen in the Mariners system (2-6, 3.88 ERA), but the Phillies brass has decided that he will be a better fit as a starter, or at least, they could find more use for him as one in their farm system.  If that doesn’t work, he could always head back to the pen.  If that doesn’t work, he’s 6′ 7″…  the Phillies could use him to fend off Mothra if nothing else.

Speaking of players invited to Clearwater, there’s 13 prospects headed there, non-roster invitees all of them, but each deserve a mention and I’ll be highlighting them in the coming days.  They’re like a pack of baseball-hungry wolves scrambling south for the spring.

Finally, someone other than us ravenous bloggers is talking about Spring Training.  The dates are out for the pitchers and catchers to report to Clearwater (February 18), with the rest of the gang showing up a few days later (February 23). Except for Cole Hamels, who, as you will remember, has been down there for awhile already, training with Rich Dubee (When he’s not discussing the merits of dairy products!  Quite the multi-tasker, our boy.  He’ll be fine.  HE’LL BE FINE).

Speaking of announcements, the Citizens Bank Park promotions schedule was also released to a public demanding to know when and in what volume they will receive hats, banners, bobble heads, and probably, like, an umbrella or something.  But what do I care?  Once you’re a 15+ male at CBP, all you ever get is the Father’s Day hat, of which I have three, and I’m not even a father.

Hey!  Brett Myers just got a physical in Hou WHO CARES.