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About TBOH

Here at That Balls Outta Here, we don’t sell t-shirts.  We just sell good times.  And they’re free.

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 ”A (ph)anatic is one who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim.”

—George Santayana

Justin Klugh (@TBOHblog)

Like you, Justin woke up one morning in Central Pennsylvania and realized that there’s not nearly en0ugh web sites on the internet.  He decided to start his very own, but his would be different–it would be about baseball.  Not only that, but it would be about Phillies baseball.  And that would make it different.

Several frustrating, eye-opening days later, he became the administrator of something like the 89th Phillies blog or whatever.

Ethan Seidel (@yearinbaseball)

Ethan was born and raised in Bala Cynwyd, PA where he learned to root for the Phillies through thick and thin. Despite most of the other franchises in Philadelphia experiencing more success, the Phillies were always at the top of the list. Having left the Philadelphia area to pursue his interest in the arts, he has always remained a loyal fan.

He is currently writing behind enemy lines in New York, finding comfort in the misery of the nearby Mets. He previously wrote for his independent site, This Year in Baseball.

John Stolnis (@FelskeFiles)

John is a diehard Philadelphia sports fan, born and raised in Delaware County, PA, where he learned to love the Phillies at a time when venerable greats such as Bruce Ruffin, Gary Redus and Rick Schu were patrolling the Vet Stadium concrete.

A nationally syndicated radio producer by trade, John lives in the nation’s capitol, Washington, DC, stranded amongst a combination of pissed off Redskins fanatics and disinterested Nationals fans. Previously, John wrote his own private blog called The Felske Files, named after one of the greatest skippers in Phils history, THE John Felske. Recognize.

John currently resides in Woodbridge, VA with his wife and young son.

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