Ranking the Top 5 greatest outfielders in Phillies franchise history

From the Baker Bowl to the Bank, some of baseball's all-time greats have patrolled the grass for the Phillies. Here's a glance at the best of the best.
Bryce Harper has made an indelible impact on Phillies history in just a few short years.
Bryce Harper has made an indelible impact on Phillies history in just a few short years. / Harry How/GettyImages
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No. 4: Bobby Abreu

Alongside now Hall of Famer Scott Rolen, from 1998 to 2005 Bobby Abreu was one of the reasons to look forward to baseball during some of the darker years of the Phillies' 1990s and early 2000s quasi-rebuild and ensuing struggles. For eight seasons in south Philadelphia, Abreu was one of the most consistent hitters in baseball, batting between .286 and .335 every year and hitting at least 20 dingers almost every season. 

An All-Star in his final two seasons in Philadelphia, Abreu gained MVP votes five different times during his Phillies tenure. Still, he was never considered among the superstars of his day, overshadowed as he was by the heart of the steroid era. Time would prove to be in his favor, however; years after the likes of Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa have vanished from Hall of Fame balloting, Abreu earned 14.8 percent of votes in 2024.

While his name didn't stick out in that superstar way while he played, a glance at his resume puts him in very rarified air indeed. He is one of only six players in Major League Baseball history to have at least 900 extra-base hits and 400 stolen bases. The others are either Hall of Famers (Ty Cobb, Craig Biggio, Honus Wagner, Paul Molitor, Tris Speaker, and Paul Molitor) or their name is Barry Bonds, according to MLB.com.

During his nine years in Philly, Abreu amassed 60.2 WAR and earned two All-Star nods. Abreu's 14.8 percent was slightly lower than his 15.3 percent of ballots in 2023 Hall of Fame voting, but 2025 will mark just his sixth year on the ballot, so he still has a decent chance (Abreu's timeline for induction could wind up matching up to the same year as Utley).