Ranger Suárez leaves Phillies-Cardinals game after scary comebacker

Suárez is undergoing further evaluation to reveal the extent of his injury.
Texas Rangers v Philadelphia Phillies
Texas Rangers v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Philadelphia Phillies star lefty Ranger Suárez was removed from the Phillies' game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday after just two innings after getting hit with a 106 mph line drive back to the mound.

The ball hit off Suárez's throwing hand, but he still had enough wherewithal to get the final out of the inning after throwing to first base.

Ranger Suárez leaves Phillies-Cardinals game after scary comebacker

Suárez was escorted down the tunnel right after the inning came to a close, prompting José Ruiz to warm up quickly and come into the game. The Philadelphia Inquirer's Alex Coffey gave an update on Suárez after his exit.

It was a scary moment for Phillies fans and left a very "air sucked out of the room" feeling after he was struck. Suárez is having a career year so far. Including the two scoreless innings he pitched tonight, Suárez leads all of baseball with a 1.70 ERA and a 0.80 WHIP. April's NL Pitcher of the Month has been a pleasant surprise that Phillies fans are excited to watch day in and day out and know that there isn't a more deserving candidate of the success.

Quite like the season has been so far, the vibes were at a high with him taking the mound tonight. After a rough road trip, the Phillies won their first game back at The Bank against the Cardinals last night 4-2 and looked to roll on yet again. Saturday's game showcased the Phillies and the best record in baseball (40-18) on national television on FOX MLB with the best pitcher in baseball (subscription required).

We hope that the left-hand contusion is all it is. He's set to undergo further evaluation after the game concludes Saturday night. Phillies fans patiently await the news and look to get the cool, calm and collected stud lefty back on the mound sooner rather than later.

Something the Phillies have going for them is their ability to pick up each other when they're down. Spencer Turnbull could have a heavier workload if Suárez is due to miss any extended time.