Phillies' weirdly colored 'cream' alternate jerseys the latest in MLB's uniform fiasco

MLB's uniform problem continues, so let's add another complaint to the list about the Phillies' "cream" alternate jerseys.

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies
Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

For a while, the new MLB jerseys by Nike and Fanatics were not making major headlines. That is until the season began when they were again front and center for everyone to see.

Let’s just say the reviews didn’t get any better, and the vitriol was plenty from the fans watching. Fans noticed the new jerseys and the differences all weekend, and there wasn’t much positivity.

To recap some of the major gripes, the letters for the names are far too small, the jerseys look cheap and see-through, and the details are off like the thin pinstripes. Now, as we found over the opening weekend of action, you can also add that the color of the Phillies' uniforms is different from years past.

Many fans and reporters noticed that the Phillies' alternate special "cream" jerseys looked, well, yellowish this year. There seemed to be a slight tint that came off more yellow than cream and it threw everyone for a loop.

Some thought that maybe it was just the sun and the angle of the picture that caused the discoloration, but that was quickly debunked by internet sleuths. Not only were the jerseys more yellow, but they were also clearly see-through.

According to's Mark Feinsand, the reason for the color change is that Nike is using a standard color palette for MLB uniforms. Now teams have little control over the specific colors that previously made each uniform unique. Nike says this is to standardize all the colors, because, apparently, sometimes the colours of jerseys and pants and hats didn't all precisely match.

"They had always been close, but they weren’t exact. Now they are," says Stephen Roche, vice president of MLB Authentic Collection and Global Consumer Products, per Feinsand.

Although for the average fan, this "problem" was so unnoticable that you'd have a hard time convincing them that these new uniforms are better, even if the colors match perfectly.

Phillies not the only team with uniform problems on opening weekend

This is just the latest in the ongoing MLB uniform saga, about which the Phillies players have been vocal. Players voiced their concerns early in training camp. Nick Castellanos, never one to shy away from speaking his mind, ripped into MLB and its lawyers over the fiasco.

Despite all the protests, MLB and Fanatics have continued to hold the company line, per Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post, saying that these are similar and only have “minimal changes” from previous years. They aren’t fooling anyone.

The New York Yankees, donning their away gray jerseys, also had major issues with their jerseys, as reported by the New York Post's Andrew Crane, which fans noted all over the internet. Although the jerseys are said to be made for prime athlete endurance and performance, the sweat was coming through like the players were wearing thin cotton t-shirts.

The complaints keep coming, and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. With the announcement that the Phillies' City Connect jerseys will be dropping on April 5 and will be worn at every Friday home game for the entire season, the jerseys will be the topic of conversation for a long time.