Phillies run embarrassing Braves, Acuña Jr. out of town after NLDS win

For all the talk of their vaunted offense and coming in as the favorite to win the World Series, the Atlanta Braves were sent home from Philly in embarrassing fashion.
Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four
Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

One hundred four. Three hundred seven.

That's the number of wins the powerhouse Atlanta Braves racked up over the course of the regular season and the number of home runs they hit in their 162 games of dominance over the league.


That's the numbers of games they managed to win in the NLDS versus the 90-win Philadelphia Phillies.

Make no mistake, the Braves didn't roll over and give up. The Phillies obviously respect the Braves' players, and even Philly fans have to agree that their division opponents are a talented group. Three of the four games were close, with only the one laugher coming in the 10-2 Game 3 romp.

However, the visiting Braves didn't paint themselves in the best light, especially in the eyes of Philly fans.

Orlando Arcia plants his flag as Philly sports' enemy no. 1

Ever since the Game 2 clubhouse comments controversy started, the Braves allowed it to take over the narrative, with a big thanks in part to Harper's ice-cold staredowns. After it built to a crescendo with Bryce Harper's Game 3 heroics, the Braves and Orlando Arcia didn't appear to do themselves any favors in how they handled the situation.

Arcia certainly didn't help his cause during Game 4, when he was caught on camera getting into it with fans behind the third base dugout. He can be seen yelling and getting visibly angry, making faces and sticking his tongue out before Ronald Acuña Jr. pulled his attention back towards the field, undoubtedly realizing that his shortstop was doing nothing constructive to help the team.

For his part, the under-fire Arcia hit a meek .154 with two hits in 13 at-bats over the four-game series. Nothing in his performance will give him a leg to stand on or any credibility with Phillies fans.

Acuña Jr. leaves town in a hurry

Speaking of Acuña Jr., while there's no denying the otherwordly talent he possesses. He did, after all, just put together one of the greatest seasons in MLB history with 41 home runs and 73 stolen bases. However, he didn't leave Citizens Bank Park on the best note.

While the Phillies were busy celebrating, the soon-to-be-named NL MVP Acuña packed up his bag and left the clubhouse without speaking to the media, according to Mark Bowman of

Understandably, players experience a lot of tough emotions following a season-ending loss. Even opposing fans should be able to empathize with the position the losing side finds itself in after a game like Thursday's.

Despite his age, still just 25 years old, a player of Acuña's stature and popularity should stand and answer questions. Not necessarily to appease the media but at least for his fans and to support his teammates.

Instead, Acuña left it up to his teammates to answer the bell as he fled, sent home early by the Phillies for a second straight year.

So now, while the Phillies play on, the Braves head home and have another long winter to think about how they left Philadelphia without as much as a whimper.