Phillies' J.T. Realmuto says what every Phillies fan is thinking about the Braves

The Phillies catcher was adamant on the SportsRadio 94 WIP Midday Show about his feelings regarding the Braves continually winning the NL East.
Baltimore Orioles v Philadelphia Phillies
Baltimore Orioles v Philadelphia Phillies / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

J.T. Realmuto called into the SportsRadio 94 WIP Midday Show on March 21 to preview the Philadelphia Phillies' 2024 season. He touched on one topic in particular with hosts Joe Giglio and Hugh Douglas that resonates with fans of the ball club — he's tired of seeing the Atlanta Braves win the NL East.

Realmuto wants to end the Braves' division winning streak in 2024

The Phillies' starting catcher spoke about how he feels about the Braves continuously winning the NL East, "Of course I'm tired of seeing the Braves win the division. Every year we're 10 games back, not even with a chance, so that's absolutely our first goal is to win the division and kind of dethrone those guys because they've had such a good run and they've been such a good team in the regular season and we feel like we're every bit as good as them."

Phillies fans can understand where Realmuto is coming from, as the Braves have won the division for six consecutive years. After joining the NL East in 1994, Atlanta won the division each year from 1995 to 2005 and again in 2013 before their current six-year reign. Philadelphia is seeking its first division title since 2011.

Realmuto mentioned what the Phillies need to do to have a chance at winning their first division title in 13 seasons.

"There's no reason we shouldn't be able to compete with them and beat them for the division. We just have to first of all get off to a better start and then just be more consistent throughout the season."

The Phillies can't be unsteady during the regular season if they are aiming to win the NL East

Philadelphia was inconsistent during the first few months of last season, with a 25-29 record heading into June. Atlanta had a 32-23 record before having a dominant June. The Phillies can ill afford to have a losing month during the regular season if they want to snap the Braves' division winning streak.

The catcher suggested the Phillies need to change their mindset to win the NL East this year: "You can see it when we get in the postseason, we have all the talent in the world, we have the team that can win every single game of the regular season. You're obviously never going to do that, but we just have to change our mindset in the regular season and be a little more consistent over the 162, and be that team that we are in the postseason for the whole year."

While Atlanta won the division in 2022 and 2023, Philadelphia, more importantly, defeated them in the postseason in the National League Division Series. Winning the division does not guarantee postseason success, as the Phillies can attest. In 2010 and 2011, when they won the NL East, they didn't reach the World Series in either of those years, but the team made it to the Fall Classic as the lowest seed in the National League in 2022.

While the Braves may be supreme over the four other clubs in the NL East, the Phillies have their number during the postseason. Considering Atlanta's success during the regular season, they have fallen short of expectations. They would love to reverse their fortune by defeating Philadelphia in a playoff series should the clubs meet again for a third straight year. If Realmuto and the rest of the Phils team have their way, Philly will win the division and a championship in 2024.