Bryce Harper solves MLB uniform problem with bold wardrobe choice

The Phillies superstar was spotted wearing a different uniform than his teammates during Saturday's win.
Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Bryce Harper wore an old uniform on Saturday
Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Bryce Harper wore an old uniform on Saturday / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Major League Baseball's ongoing uniform problem has been a storyline since the beginning of spring training. The new Nike jerseys and uniforms, supplied by Fanatics, have been under constant fire and scrutiny by players, fans, and media.

After endless problems — minuscule lettering, cheap-looking fabric, players sweating through jerseys and tearing pants — Philadelphia Phillies superstar Bryce Harper seemingly has had enough. During the Phillies' 4-3 walk-off win on Saturday against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the two-time NL MVP was caught sporting what looked to be an old version of the cream alternate jersey.

Tim Kelly of Phillies Nation posted a photo during the game, and Harper's jersey looked suspiciously different than what his teammates were wearing.

Paul Lukas of UniWatch posted a series of snapshots from the game and broke down the obvious clues that the Phillies first baseman had opted to wear an older, and dare we say better-looking, version of the cream jersey:

"The older jersey was easy to spot from behind, as it had the larger NOB lettering, barely any NOB arching, and the higher-positioned MLB logo."

Lukas also noted the trim and chain-stitching on the "Phillies" chest script:

"In addition, the jersey had the old collar and sleeve trim, the wider placket stitching, and the chain-stitched chest script."

Harper also chose to wear pre-2024 pants, with the old-style belt loops.

The Phillies' cream alternates already came under fire early in the season when the team donned the popular duds for the first time on the Sunday of Opening Day weekend. In addition to the smaller and barely discernible NOB lettering on the back of the jerseys, the "cream" color also looked a bit off, with more of a weird yellow tint.

Harper wasn't the only Phillie with an older uniform on Saturday. Reliever José Alvarado was also caught wearing pre-2024 pants, something, as Lukas points out, he has been doing all season.

Harper may have just solved MLB's uniform problem with his wardrobe choice on Saturday. We'll have to wait and see what happens and whether he does it again.

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