Phillies all-time best starting rotation based on WAR

Who are the Phillies best starting five in franchise history?
Philadelphia Phillies all-time best starting rotation based on WAR
Philadelphia Phillies all-time best starting rotation based on WAR / Hunter Martin/GettyImages
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No. 1: Steve Carlton (75.0 fWAR)

Finally, the best of the best stands alone on top of the all-time list with Steve Carlton taking that prestigious honor. Despite starting his career with the Cardinals, he rose to prominence during his extended 15-year tenure with the Phillies from 1972 to 1986.

Over that period, Carlton was a four-time NL Cy Young winner, a seven-time All-Star and guided the Phillies to six postseason appearances. He is also the only one on this list to have won a Gold Glove in recognition of his defensive contributions.

Most importantly, he was instrumental in helping Philadelphia win their first-ever World Series championship in 1980 when he went 3-0 with a sub-2.50 ERA during the playoffs. Carlton certainly made his mark and defined that successful era for the Phillies during his time with the club.

Not only does Carlton have the highest fWAR ever for a Phillie, but he also leads the franchise in all-time games started with 499, wins with 241 and strikeouts with 3,031. In addition, he finds himself littered across the all-time team leaderboards in other categories as well, including sitting second in total games played, second in innings pitched (3,697 1/3 innings), third in complete games (185), and second in shutouts (39). At the same time, he also holds the franchise record for less-than-stellar stats, as he has given up the most walks (1,252) and wild pitches (120).

No matter how you put it, Carlton remains one of the best ever to put on a Phillies uniform, and perhaps in all of baseball. To top it off, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on his first ballot in 1994, and, of course, he donned the Phillies cap in his enshrinement.

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