The 5 most mesmerizing skills we can't wait to see from the Phillies in 2024

This Phillies team is full of incredibly talented players, but a handful of skills stand out above the rest. Here are the five most mesmerizing skills we're looking forward to watching in 2024.
Kyle Schwarber, Philadelphia Phillies
Kyle Schwarber, Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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We can't wait to see Kyle Schwarber’s devastating power

Kyle Schwarber is a baseball enigma. The power-hitting lefty has made a reputation for himself as one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball. Historically, a player of Schwarber’s ilk would be the last person teams would want to lead off. He hits for a low average, is not a speed demon, and strikes out at a high rate. But boy, can he hit home runs.

For his career, Schwarber has 246 home runs over nine years, averaging 41 over 162 games. In his two years as a Philadelphia Phillie, he has 46 home runs in 2022 and 47 in 2023. And when Schwarber hits a home run, they sure aren't cheap ones.

According to Baseball Savant, Schwarber hits "no doubters" at a 50 percent rate, and his 16.4 percent barrel rate is in the 96th percentile. His average exit velocity was 92.4 mph, which is in the 94th percentile, and 28 of his 47 home runs were over 400 feet. In 2023, he recorded the third-farthest home run, registering at 483 feet, launched at 113.9 mph.

Now that Schwarber is the full-time DH and doesn't have to expend energy tracking down balls in left field, he’ll have even more juice to unleash at the plate. It’s a sight to behold when he barrels one up, and Philadelphia Phillies fans are surely looking forward to seeing more of that in 2024.

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