3 too-early trade partners that make too much sense for Phillies

These three teams have players the Phillies could make a deal for before the July 30 MLB trade deadline.
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Chicago White Sox

The Phillies are a team rumored to be a potential suitor for outfielder Luis Robert Jr. The buzz has cooled off a bit as the Chicago White Sox didn't send top scouts (subscription required) to monitor any of Philadelphia's minor-league prospects, according to The Athletic.

It will take a lot for the Phillies to acquire Robert Jr. He has multiple years of team control remaining on his deal. Are the White Sox even interested in making a deal with Philly involving the outfielder? Philadelphia could benefit from acquiring another outfielder by the trade deadline but making a blockbuster trade isn't necessary for the club to improve. Robert Jr. also has an injury history that should make the team steer clear of trading top prospects such as Aidan Miller and Justin Crawford for the Guantanamo, Cuba native.

The White Sox will likely trade pitcher Garrett Crochet by the July 30 deadline. As with Robert Jr., Chicago will ask for a significant amount in return for the starter. The 25-year-old has two more years of arbitration remaining on his contract.

Philadelphia could use more pitching depth, considering Walker's inconsistent season and current injury in addition to Turnbull's lengthy absence due to his own ailment. However, the organization doesn't need to trade several of its top prospects for Crochet in order to improve.

Alternatives to Robert Jr. and Crotchet who may be available from the White Sox include outfielder Tommy Pham and pitcher Erick Fedde. Chicago has more affordable trade candidates who could provide depth to the Phillies roster.