Injury update: Bryce Harper’s elbow is … fine?

After giving teammates and fans a scare in the eighth inning of Game 4, it turns out Bryce Harper's elbow is fine, and he'll be ready for the NLCS.
Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four
Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The tension was palpable, even through the TV screen. You could have cut it with a knife.

Bryce Harper certainly gave everyone a scare on Thursday night in the Philadelphia Phillies Game 4 NLDS-clinching victory. After being clipped on his right, surgically-repaired arm by the Braves Matt Olson on an awkward play at first base in the eighth inning, Harper's immediate and intense reaction to what looked like a tremendous amount of pain had Phillies fans everywhere holding their breath as their hearts sank.

Escorted off the field by training staff, followed by his teammates, who wore looks of grave concern, it looked like the driving force behind the Phillies postseason run might have played his last game of the year.

Harper returned to the dugout after a brief trip down the tunnel and then shockingly came back out in the ninth to play first. And to celebrate the series win.

Harper's injury just a well-placed knee to the funny bone

After the initial optics of the "injury," it turns out Harper is completely fine. Per Bob Nightengale of USA Today, manager Rob Thomson gave a postgame update that should put fans at ease.

"He went downstairs with our training staff, and they came up and said he's fine," Thomson said. "We'll see how he feels tomorrow, but I don't think there's any concern about structural damage or anything like that."

Harper also gave an encouraging postgame diagnosis, per Scott Lauber of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

"He just hit my funny bone. I'm good," Harper explained.

If you need more proof that the Phillies Game 3 hero is good to go, there's plenty of video evidence from the final inning and the ensuing celebrations. Harper could also be seen in the clubhouse, shirtless, shaking his adult beverage and fist-pumping his right arm in celebration.

He looks just fine. Which is good news for the Phillies and bad news for the Diamondbacks.