8 players you've already forgotten played for the Phillies in 2023

The Phillies' 2023 season was filled with memorable players and performances, but here are eight players who weren't part of those memories.

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Rodolfo Castro

The Phillies’ big splash at the trade deadline, which looked great for a while but then ended up not being so hot, was Michael Lorenzen. But the acquisition of Rodolfo Castro from the Pirates flew under the radar and had the potential to be a sneaky-good addition by Dave Dombrowski.

It wasn’t.

Seeing sporadic playing time, to put it mildly, Castro went just 3-for-30 with the Phillies. Even a rudimentary math student can tell you that comes to a cool .100 batting average. With no homers, no steals, and a paltry two RBI, Castro ended up stapled to the bench for literally weeks, and he only saw 10 plate appearances during the entire month of September.

Unsurprisingly, he was left out of the playoff roster equation entirely. Maybe he didn’t get a long enough look, but he certainly didn’t do anything to stand out, either.

Word on the street is that a strong showing could have earned Castro a shot at reprising a utility role for the Phillies in 2024. Safe to say he won’t be back. Instead, Castro will have to just wait by his phone, hoping that another organization will call to give him a chance. After all, you know that he always keeps it nearby.