8 current Phillies who are the best to wear their uniform number in franchise history

Players can make a number iconic through their accomplishments with a franchise. Here are eight current Phillies players who hold the title of the best to wear their number in team history.
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No. 12: Kyle Schwarber

This has always been a middling number in Phillies history, getting passed to a different player every year or two. And then it landed on Mickey Morandini for a decade, and The Mick was decent enough for long enough to take it. But no longer. In just two short years with the Phillies, Kyle Schwarber has become engrained within the identity of the team and its fanbase. It's legitimately hard to believe that he hasn't been in town longer.

Yes, Schwarber has led the NL in strikeouts in both of his seasons with the Phils, a dubious accomplishment. But he's also finished in the top 20 in MVP voting both seasons, blasting a total of 93 regular season home runs (already 31st place all-time in team history) and 11 more in the playoffs that seem to have cemented him in Phillies lore. Let's hope that the remainder of his time in town will be as successful, and that the team can take the final step with him.

No. 27: Aaron Nola

It's tough to say if this number previously belonged to Willie Montañez or Plácido Polanco, but it's a moot point now, thanks to what Nola has been able to accomplish in nearly a decade with the team. Oh, there have been plenty of ups and downs, and we all wondered how he'd respond if he ever got into the postseason, which took way too long to happen.

Despite any inconsistencies Nola has shown over his career, the body of work speaks for itself: 90 wins, 1,582 strikeouts, and three top-7 finishes in NL Cy Young voting. And we even have Nola's even-year dominance to look forward to this year! He'll put his stamp on this number even further, and it wouldn't be surprising if he ends up being the last Phillies player to ever wear it when it's all said and done. There's work to do before that, though.