6 Phillies Hall of Famers who made their names elsewhere

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It's that time of year again, as voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame is wrapping up, ahead of the official announcement on Jan. 23 for the Class of 2024. The Philadelphia Phillies are well-represented, with former players Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Bobby Abreu, Billy Wagner, and José Bautista (yes, he counts) all up for enshrinement.

Wagner stands the best chance of election among the group this year, Utley and Rollins are hopefully building cases for down the road, and Abreu figures to hang on for a while even if he doesn't end up ultimately making the cut. But it's guys like Bautista, although he doesn't have much of a shot at ever being elected, who illustrate what we're discussing here. Sometimes, the Phillies have just been a stop along the way or a cup of coffee for players during their Hall of Fame careers.

All told, 39 different players who have appeared in a game for the Phillies in their history have ultimately landed in Cooperstown. Some — Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Richie Ashburn, et al — are Phillies through and through. A few, like Scott Rolen, amassed at least a sizable amount of their Hall credentials in Philly. But others, not so much. Old-timer Dave Bancroft is the kind of guy who leaps to mind here, but I've covered him before in detail and won't talk about him specifically.

Let's now take the time to recall six Hall of Famers whose times with the Phillies have been mostly or completely forgotten. All of these players were Phillies for a time, but you never really hear them talked about as such because they have much stronger ties to another franchise, sometimes even multiple ones. And this can be amplified even more if said Hall of Famer played so long ago that they are just a footnote of baseball history at this point. These are their stories.