3 Biggest Swings and Misses The Phillies Made at the Deadline

Let's look at the Phillies' 3 biggest swings and misses at the 2023 trade deadline.
Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins
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2. Randal Grichuk

Grichuk was dealt from the Colorado Rockies to the Los Angeles Angels in a package that included CJ Cron and Grichuk for two of the Angels top 30 prospects, Jake Madden and Mason Albright

2023 has been a surprisingly good season for Grichuk. Despite being a career .251 hitter, Grichuk is hitting .305 with and OPS of 851 this season. Grichuk's contract expires at the end of the 2023 season and he would have been a rental for Philadelphia.

He has nine home runs and 28 RBIs so far this season. Grichuk's name of the game in 2023 has been hitting the ball hard. He is above average in Max Exit Velo, hard hit %, and XBA. His max exit velo ranks in the 71st percentile, his hard hit % is in the 62nd percentile and his XBA is in the 75th percentile.

Against left handed pitchers, Grichuk is hitting an outstanding .364 and has a 1.066 OPS.

The Phillies could have used another outfield option like Grichuk for the final two months of the season. An outfielder who can hit left handed pitching has been a need for Philadelphia the entire season. Brandon Marsh has been impressive overall, but still does not fill the void against lefties. Christian Pache was good, but has had injury issues. Johan Rojas has defended well since enetering the Majors, but still has not showed much offense. Not adding an outfield bat was questionable by the Phillies front office at the deadline. Randal Grichuk would have been a perfect fit.