Phillies History: Taking a Look Back on Phillies MVP Winners

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The Phillies have produced five MVP winners in their storied history. As we progress through the offseason, let’s take a look back on those MVP players.

The Phillies have been a notoriously bad team in their strenuous history. They have the sixth-worst franchise win-loss percentage of all current MLB teams, and the worst of any established prior to 1969. The club also has the most amount of losses of any current franchise, despite five teams on the list being founded before the Phils.

Despite the overall below-average, the Phillies have flashed glimpses of success. Their first flash of potential came with the Whiz Kids in 1950 before quickly falling off the wagon. The late 70s and early 80s saw a run of dominance, capped off by the franchise’s first World Series title in 1980, before the team once again dropped off. 1993 saw a flash in the pan with another World Series appearance, but the team didn’t put together another string of playoff runs until the next millennium rolled around. The team won five straight division titles from 2007 to 2011 with their second World Series title coming in 2008. As most fans know, the team has returned to the cellar, just as the Phillies are so apt to do.

Some key players propelled the Phillies to their runs of success throughout their history. Those players were rewarded with the National League MVP award. Let’s look back at the Phils who won this award in their career.