Phillies History: Taking a Look Back on Phillies Cy Young Winners

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Phillies 2010 Cy Young Winner Roy Halladay /

Awards will be far and few between the next few years for the Phillies, so let’s remember former players who brought home some hardware.

Few teams that go ten games under .500 like the Phillies in 2016 will rack up many awards. Mike Trout of the Angels was the first MVP winner on a losing team since Alex Rodriguez in 2003. Barring some incredible improvements from players in the organization – or an equally improbable trade for Trout – the Phillies won’t have a player of Trout’s caliber anytime soon.

For fans who may feel down about the Phillies’ future, just know that the team will rebound in time. The team will produce more award-winners, and they will make another run at the World Series.

Fond memories warm the soul, so let’s take a look back at the Phillies who filled their shelves with awards, starting with their Cy Young winners.