Jake Diekman’s Deleted Tweet Making National Headlines


Sports and politics usually don’t mix, but one former Phillie made it

One of the forgotten players in the Cole Hamels trade last season was Jake Diekman, who was once considered to be the future set-up guy in the bullpen.

But, his latest comments on social media are drawing more attention than his work on the mound.

Diekman was clearly unhappy after learning a former St. Louis Cardinals executive was receiving 46 months of prison time after hacking into the Houston Astros’ player database, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is facing no charges after the FBI discovered she sent classified information over an unprotected server.

“46 months for hacking baseball reports … But Clinton is still not in jail! #seemsfair”

Whichever way your political or sports alliances sway, you have to admit Diekman’s Twitter game is strong.

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Diekman deleted his tweet, but thanks to the magic that is screenshot, we have it forever.

Despite having to go on the disabled list after cutting his hand on a broken beer mug, the lefty is having a strong season with the Texas Rangers. He has a 2.73 ERA with 36 strikeouts in 33 innings.

The Phillies originally drafted Jake Diekman in the 30th round of the 2007 draft. In his major league debut five years later, he struck-out three batters in an inning and a third.

He recently won an arbitration case, and signed a one year, $1.26 million deal with the Rangers this offseason.