MLB Draft: TBOH 1st Round Mock

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21. Kansas City Royals

Another pick that seems to have become obvious. Hope no one steals him.. Shortstop. Griffin (Ga.) HS. Cornelius Randolph. 21. player. 7

22. Detroit Tigers

22. player. 63. Just don’t see Kirby and Matuella getting out of the 1st Round, injuries and all.. LHP. Virginia. Nate Kirby

23. Saint Louis Cardinals

Mike Matuella. 23. player. 32. So here they go, both off the board.. RHP. Duke

24. Los Angeles Dodgers

UCLA. James Kaprielian. 24. player. 71. Could go anywhere in previous dozen picks. But a UCLA guy sliding to the Dodgers? Yes, please.. RHP

25. Baltimore Orioles

25. player. 11. Matt Wieters has future 1st baseman written all over him.. Catcher. Kennesaw Mountain (Ga.) HS. Tyler Stephenson

26. Los Angeles Angels

Arizona. Kevin Newman. 26. player. 102. Someone is going to get a sweet-swinging, leadership 2B in this kid.. Shortstop

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