Phillies Phantasy Phive: 2015 Week Five


We’re now one month into the Major League Baseball season,and it’s painfully obvious that outside of Aaron Harang, who was considered for another top 5 spot this week, the Phillies haven’t had much consistency on the diamond.

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Through the first four weeks of the season, there have been a total of 11 different players on the Phantasy Phive. And week number five was no exception, adding 2 more newcomers to the list this week, thus making it a hitters list.

1. team. 6. Though <strong><a href=. . Previous: NRth. Ryan Howard - 1B

6. <strong><a href=. . Previous: 2nd. Ben Revere - OF. 2. team

Previous: NRth. Freddy Galvis - SS. 3. team. 6. <strong><a href=.

Cesar Hernandez - 2B. 4. team. 6. <strong><a href=. . Previous: NRth

6. <strong><a href=. . Previous: NRth. Jeff Francoeur - OF. 5. team

Of course the play of the week came on Mother’s Day, not from any of the players. That play came when this Dad happened to snag a foul ball from the bat of Daniel Murphy with his left hand, ticket in his right hand, and his baby strapped in front of him in a baby bjorn. Check it out!