Braves Whine After Most Called Third Strikes in Game One of NLDS


In last night’s NLDS contest between the Dodgers and Braves, Clayton Kershaw hurled masterpiece after masterpiece at the Atlanta lineup, resulting in 12 K’s for the night. In the bottom of the fifth inning, B.J. Upton took a loopy breaking ball for a call third strike and silently walked back to the dugout.

It was the only called third strike of the evening that the Braves didn’t whine about.

“So what?” you shout because this is something on the internet with a comment section, so obviously your opinion is the opposite of what is written. “The Braves are a young team in the playoffs! They can’t be emotional?!”

Sure they can. And they will. The point is, the Braves are always emotional, and it’s silly. Also, we hate them Braves. This is a Phillies web site.

1.  Elliot Johnson wandered off the field in the bottom of the fifth, but couldn’t stop himself from turning back and barking something at Hunter Wendelstedt about how he’d never get away with an injustice like this.

2.  In the bottom of the sixth, Freddie Freeman adopted this incredulous stare as the third base ump called him out on a check swing attempt.

3.  After Brian McCann’s bottom of the ninth called third strike, he whispered what we can only assume was a death threat in Hunter Wendelstedt’s ear. The Braves catcher had somehow not come through in the clutch, despite Playing the Game the Right Way. Clearly, treachery was afoot.

4.  Two batters later, Elliot Johnson ended the game watching a corner-painting 92 m.p.h. offering from Kenley Johnson with two runners in scoring position and slouched, turned slowly, and sulked off the field like a teenager finding out dad needs the car tonight for his beginners’ guitar class.