Jimmy Rollins: “Things are definitely looking up.”


Jimmy Rollins is full optimism for the Phillies as they enter their last series of the season.

Maybe he finally got a copy of GTA V! That’s a fun game. I haven’t even played The Last of Us yet, so I’m way behind. But I know that would make me happy. “Things are finally looking up,” I’d say, whistling while my house burned down around me.

But no! Jimmy is in fact referring to the Philadelphia Phillies, whom he spoke about with CSN Philly.  Jimmy gave the first real definitive answer as far as that ‘window’ we’re always hearing about: It’s closed. It’s over. Go back to what you were doing before Bretty Myers got that last out in 2007.

I was trying to pass an Intellectual Heritage class while being the coolest guy on campus.  So I guess I’ll have to kick my way into my old college apartment and pick up where I left off.

**several hard kicks and terrified screams later**

Well, that was horribly misguided.  I guess what we’re supposed to actually do is move on?  Hey… maybe that’s what Jimmy is talking about. In fact, I think it is.

"“When Ryan’s going to come back… that’s going to be a big part of our lineup.  We’re still good, we’ve gone through some changes, some transitions. We have a new manager now. And things are definitely looking up.”—Jimmy Rollins, via CSN Philly"

New manager! New young players! A brand new window, one that hasn’t been opened and closed until it doesn’t really stay open on its own anymore and you have to find the tallest book you hate to cram in there and keep it open.  Yeah, that sounds nice.  I could get behind that.  I just need to remember what I’m doing right now so I can get back to it when this window closes, too.

**writes ‘blogging with no pants while half-watching House of Cards’ on post-it note, puts on refrigerator**

Jimmy also mentioned he’d like to win “a couple more championships.” So maybe he’s just gone insane.