Roy Halladay Suspects Ryne Sandberg Planned Managerial Coup


"“Unfortunately, I had a lot of manager changes in Toronto. He seemed to step in with more confidence than most of the guys I’ve had in the past, especially in the middle of the season. He stepped in and knew what he wanted to do right away.”—Roy Halladay via Todd Zolecki"

You’d never expect Roy Halladay to be at the center of a conspiracy.  Unless someone was conspiring the insert more stairs into Citizens Bank Park.  In which case he might be the first person you’d come to.  And he would say, “Yes, it’s me; I’m doing that.  Why would I hide it?”

But in this case, things seem a bit darker than… than they seemed.  Before.

In a recent interview, Halladay mentioned how naturally Ryne Sandberg stepped into the role of manager, almost as if he’d been expecting to ‘fall into’ the job.  “…he knew what he wanted to do right away,” Halladay says, possibly putting the pieces together, possibly as he’s saying those words.

What was Sandberg up to at the Major League level?  He’d excelled as the manager of the IronPigs, getting himself promoted to Charlie Manuel’s side.  Then he faked his way through third base coaching, sending runners as if he wasn’t aware how the mechanics of bases worked.  But prior to the season, who did Charlie say would take over if he got thrown out?  Ryne Sandberg.

Are we going kick the broom closet door open and find a bunch of newspaper articles about Charlie Manuel pinned to the walls with a bunch of yarn strung across  and the mirror smashed in and broom handles carved into stakes with effogies impaled on them and rags soaked in paint thinner strewn on the floor


“But what if Ryne Sandberg is just a natural leader?  What if his managerial style just blends nicely with where this team is at right now?”

Wake up, dumbass.  If Ryne Sandberg is a natural leader, then why would he have to conspire so much?  We just need a man on the inside to confirm.  God, I’ll bet Papelbon would do it.

This all hints at a much darker string of events that led to Charlie Manuel’s firing.  And if it weren’t for Roy Halladay, directly stating that Ryne Sandberg is a back-stabbing traitor, we’d have never known.