Michael Young Totally Traded in Middle of Night


I was writing a hate-piece on the Nationals’ broadcasters last night when the news struck:

“wow that Michael Young news.”

Yes, at first the news was just that there was news.  This is a process.  We can’t just make assumptions, no matter how obvious and overdue they may be.  So then, after several more clicks of an increasingly frantic mouse, I learned the truth.  Michael Young was gone.  Sold to the Dodgers, for immediate assimilation into the grotesque, amorphous blue baseball monster.

My god.  He was our captain (I assume), our leader (had to be), our guy with a good attitude to befriend beat writers.

It was hard to imagine this team without Michael Young on it.  With his amicable demeanor and firm handshake, Michael Young embodied the spirit of Philadelphia*. How is this team supposed to compete without him?

Who will almost stop all the ground balls to third base?  Whose going to hit first?!

Look, this is mean.  I’m still typing with leftover hate from the Nationals announcers thing.

The truth is, Michael Young was an inappropriate choice to play third base and in a more fortunate year, maybe a better, healthier Phillies team can overcome his shortcomings and take advantage of his occasional timely hitting.  But not like this.  Not like this.

I’ll bet he’s really nice, too.  I’ll bet he’s a guy you feel bad for as he packs his locker and .272/.333/.389 slash line moves to the other side of the country.  Which is ironic, because he’s not very mobile.  In return for his leadership, the Phillies are getting a minor league pitcher and that is it.  Rob Rasmussmen – that’s the guy’s name, not a Looney Toons villain – is 24 and left handed and not very good and just see what Bill has to say, he’s better at it.  Also, Cash Considerations.

Farewell, Michael Young.  The Dodgers take good care of their players, unless they have talent or personalities or national writers say not to.  Los Angeles has… buildings.

Find out how the Broad Street Bullies movie is going.  It sounds cool.

*if it was under the influence of some sort of magic spell.