Matt Harvey tries to bleed Roy Halladay dry


Matt Harvey is under some stress right now, potentially having part of his arm taken apart and replaced with other body parts.

So he turned to the man who is an expert at pushing through any sort of struggles by sheer force of will, Roy Halladay. Or did he get in to see Roy in order to suck the life force out of him, knowing Doc would gladly speak to him on any baseball-related matter? Those Mets. So conniving. So soul-sucking.

Doc was more than happy talking about coming back after surgery, which he received in 2006.

“And you know, I’ve had some pretty good years after that,” Doc said.  He did, too!  Oh, Doc.  You’re such a charmer.

Not like that serpentine Matt Harvey.  Trying to drain Halladay like a parasite.  Did you know Matt Harvey once had John Buck traded to the Pirates just for touching him?  It’s true. I mean, no it isn’t, but damn. What a jerk.

He had quite an affect on the 24-year-old, who seems to be experiencing the same things Roy did back in the day.  Harvey left the meeting with a Halladay-esque sense of commitment and enthusiasm, swearing he’ll be back by Opening Day 2014.  Then he went to the stadium and ran some stairs.  Did it matter that they were in the middle of a game and the stairs were full of vendors and people going to the bathroom?  Not if you want to be more like Roy Halladay, it didn’t.

So, the Mets will have Roy Halladay to thank when their young ace comes back in the future and continues dominating with a surgicalized arm.  Sure, they’ll forget – they are Mets fans, the best they can do is hope to be governor of New Jersey, blech – but we’ll know.  Long after Roy is gone, Harvey will keep his spirit alive.  Because he leeched all the spirit he could get off him.