Why Don’t You Own August a little Harder, Darin Ruf?


Darin Ruf is tied with Paul Goldschmidt for the NL lead in home runs for the month of August (9).

Aug 14, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Darin Ruf (18) hits a home run against the Atlanta Braves during the ninth inning at Turner Field. The Braves defeated the Phillies 6-3. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

“What? Who?” asked the time traveler from 2011. But it’s true.

What is true? I actually didn’t hear what you said,” replied the time traveler. “Also, why aren’t you more amazed that I, a time traveler, am within your midst? You see, in the future we–”

He then vomits profusely; the unfortunate physical toll of the time-snap.  Also, the span of time travel isn’t very large. Two years, max.  If the Phillies don’t get better soon, we won’t be able to escape to a time they were good anymore.

“Wait, who is Darin Ruf?” the time traveler finally asks between dry heaves.

Darin has been bashing up a storm in that fifth spot, behind what was once Domonic Brown.  His game-tying home run in what became an 18-inning parody of what baseball is supposed to look like was one of his more recent bits of dramatic flair that have delighted audiences for weeks.

Yesterday was the Roger Bernadina show, but Ruf contributed again with an RBI single.  And being young-ish, and able to move around, his productive bat is an exciting concept for 2014.  Especially when these comparisons are inevitable.

Ruf’s got another month to keep this up and solfidify himself as a role player next season.  The outfield isn’t quite stable, though you assume healthy Domonic Brown’s and Ben Revere’s have two spots full, this Bernadina character looks okay so far, and then there’s the free agents like Choo and Ellsbury and McLouth.

But if he makes a Darin Ruf bomb a familiar enough sight, perhaps we will be dealing with fewer and fewer barfing, indignant time travelers.

“Seriously, don’t you even want to know what the machine looks like?” he asks.