Jonathan Pettibone is Not Coming Back, Either


Shoulders just inflame sometimes. That’s just how the body works.

Jonathan Pettibone’s shoulder isn’t superhuman, and the young hurler was unable to avoid a totally normal inflammation of his shoulder, an MRI confirmed.  And as CSN Philly’s John Finger admitted, the outlook is not great.

Well, it was a fun career while it lasted. Remember that “baby aces” thing? Good lord we were pompous. Well, I’ll spend the rest of the day writing a Jonathan Pettibone career retrospective. I guess I’ll have to take a lot of breaks if I want it to last a whole day–

Yes. Right.

Well, Pettibone and the Phillies insist this is no big deal, seeing as how there’s no playoff race and the Phillies have other pitchers.  They’d rather just see the 23-year-old relax, let his muscles de-inflame, and pitch again when his body isn’t in a vulnerable state.  This late in the season, that pretty much means he’s done for the season.

There are worse things to miss out on than the last month of the Phillies 2013 campaign.  Sandberg might be credited for a small burst of momentum here, but I don’t think it takes a whole of career retrospecting for no reason to figure that Pettibone is worth more alive than dead.