Phillies to not Turn to Raul Valdes for Next Start


The Phillies have a lot riding on their next game; their third win in a row, a chance to push the fourth-place Rockies even further out of contention. Other things.

August 29, 2012; Philadelphia, PA USA; Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Tyler Cloyd (50) makes his major league debut against the New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

So whoever they hand the ball to will have all of that riding on them.

Mystery starts have traditionally gone to Raul Valdes, so that he can last three innings and give that bullpen some work, finally.  They are usually terrible games, but fortunately for Valdes, this year’s terribleness has blended together, making individual blame indiscernible.

But it won’t be Valdes, anyway.  It will be Tyler Cloyd who is recalled to the Majors for a start, coming off a sparkling performance at Lehigh Valley.

The 26-year-old, doe-eyed former International League Pitcher of the Year has made six starts for the Phillies already, has allowed 13 runs, 18 K’s, and 15 walks.  When the smoke clears, he’s sporting a 0.8 WAR.

Up in Allentown, he’s thrown just shy of 107 innings in 18 starts, averaging 5.9 per start.  His ERA has crept toward 5.00, and his WHIP states a boisterous 1.303.  Entering the stretch run, Cloyd is a go-to guy whose future could be as bright as a rotation spot, but probably a back-and-forth long relief position if his plummet back to earth continues.  With so little of the season left at triple A, it won’t have much room to improve.

Then again, he could see a September call-up, and at this point, the Phillies crave depth from most positions – bullpen being one.  Cloyd could be using this time to potentially join Ethan Martin, Jake Diekman, and Justin De Fratus in that theoretical 2014 bullpen that we can pretend is shaping up.

Good lucky, Tyler, you big-eyed dream boat.