Casper Wells has Found His Forever Home, He Hopes


Casper Wells brought his own glove.

Which is neat, when you consider how much of his crap has been lugged around the country.  According to this map I made that took way too long and doesn’t look nearly as good as I thought it would and it actually pretty hard to follow, these are all the cities Wells has had to go to this season to play for a few weeks and then leave.

As you can see, he’s zig-zagging southward through the country, making the next team after Phillies somewhere in southern California.  Good luck, Casper!

In the mean time, though, Casper hangs onto the delusion that maybe, just maybe, his new family won’t just have him do a bunch of chores and then send him back to the orphanage.

"“…it just goes to show you anything can happen. You have to believe everything happens for a reason — for a positive reason, too. I’m here on the club, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than here. That’s the kind of mind-set I have.”—Casper Wells, via Todd Zolecki"

He comes so close to literally saying “Hey, it could happen!” you almost wish he would just say it so we could all use up space on our blog posts with footage from Angels in the Outfield.  But no such luck.

Casper does say there’s “nowhere” he’d “rather be than here,” and though he might have read it from the index card he keeps in his pocket in case of “hey new guy” interviews, it seems to get harder and harder to believe, having traveled from Seattle to Toronto to Oakland (that ones okay) to Chicago to Philadelphia.

Perhaps there’s something to be said for Wells being passed around so much from non-contender to non-contender?  Yes, there is.  And it is that he is the perfect player to fill in for a crippled, meaningless outfield on a crappy team in the middle of a pooptacular year.

Welcome home, Casper.