Delmon Young Finally not on Phillies Anymore


It takes a lot to be a cult favorite.

  • Consistent hitting when nobody expects you to. Remember when Greg Dobbs filled in for Ryan Howard? 
  • Catch phrase, adorable accent, decent smile
  • No racial slurs
  • Competence of some kind

Delmon Young never had a chance.

Our roster now free of him, leaving space for Darin Ruf and Cody Asche experiments along with actual outfielder Casper Wells, we have merely his more chucklingly poor stats and humiliating .gifs to pair with our sarcastic farewells.

His final stats as a Phillie: .261/.302/.397, eight home runs, and 69 strikeouts in 291 plate appearances (nine shy of his next $150,000 bonus).

-1.2 WAR.

"“The first Lakeland Flying Tigers batter hit a fly ball at Young and it landed for a triple. Young should have limited the hitter to a single had he taken a better route, said two officials who attended the game in Lakeland, Fla. Later, in the seventh inning, Young committed a fielding error that allowed a runner to take an extra base.‘Obviously we want his bat, but if he can’t play defense he can’t play in the National League,’ Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said.”—Matt Gelb, over three months ago"

And that’s the last fat joke, the last weight clause joke, the last ‘Delmon’ tag, the last ‘whoops I spelled it Demon instead’ commentary – that’s it.  It’s over.  He’s gone, and that’s all, close up shop, free up space, breathe deeply, take in the night, go grab a drink. Or do nothing.

He’s gone.