Roy Halladay Headed to Florida for Start of Epic Comeback


You’re eating your lunch when suddenly

Sandwich bits.  Everywhere.

Roy Halladay, fresh from throwing bullpen sessions that caused the sun’s polarity to flip, is headed to Florida to presumably continue throwing baseballs.

He will do so in a simulated game this Saturday in Clearwater, before jetting off to a minor league rehab game, assuming things go smoothly.  Which, why wouldn’t they.  Why would you even suggest that, idiot.

It was this intensely mobile state of affairs that sparked questions to Roy about his future; questions that have long sat dormant, waiting to see if he had spent his off time rebuilding himself, or gnawing his arm off in frustration and learning to pitch with his mouth.

"“I’m not coming back to try to get a contract for next year, a bigger contract, anything like that. I just want to come back and pitch. After that, hopefully make a decision on where I can win. I hope that’s here.”—Roy Halladay via Matt Gelb"

That’s sort of how we take it now; let’s just enjoy baseball while we still have it.  And if Roy Halladay gets to be a part of that, well, won’t that be something.  Maybe he’ll pitch a great game or something.  That’d be sweet.  In a season during which our last bits of joy will come from watching guys like Dom Brown, Darin Ruf, and Cody Asche succeed, Roy’s plight fits neatly into the concept of just enjoying the Phillies one game at a time.

Unless they make it impossible and play stupid, crappy games.  Then it’s hard.

But right now, it’s early August, and Roy Halladay is on his way back.  “…back to what?” we’ll just pretend isn’t a question.