Dom Brown Returns, Laynce Nix Ejected From Team


WHOA.  Whoa.

As far as things happening, this is certainly another thing that has happened.  After a big afternoon of announcing that Cesar Jimenez will be joining the Phillies bullpen – yes, the Cesar Jimenez, not the Mexican race car driver or Spanish footballer – the Phillies are not done blasting their roster.

Dom Brown, messed up in the head from a faulty dive, will return from concussion leave NOW, instead of whenever, and told Laynce Nix, former pinch hitter extraordinaire and very poor Nate Schierholtz impersonator, to pack his bags.  He’s gone.  GONE. DFA’d, anyway.

Some had felt maybe Delmon Young’s would be an appropriate one to leave vacated, but whatever.  A bad player is being replaced by a good one, and we can celebrate that.


Look at those numbers.  Those are some bad numbers.  A .486 OPS!  .486!  What the hell are we even doing.  Well, we’re getting rid of him.  That’s what we’re doing.

Hey, speaking of Schierholtz and the unquenchable desire Phillies fans have for him, the Cubs are coming to town tonight.