Cliff Lee and Dom Brown Have a Fun Old Time at All-Star Game


Continuing in the tradition of Phillies before them, Cliff Lee and Domonic Brown were ineffective at best during their time as 2013 All-Stars.

The Phillies’ two All-Stars had their fingerprints all over the National League’s 3-0 defeat, but not in the good way like you were hoping.

For Cliff, it was clear his excitement had gotten to them from the very beginning.

He wound up entering the game in the fifth inning and allowed a lead off double to Adam Jones and a single to Joe Mauer before inducing an RBI groundout and a no-RBI double play. Sadly, in a game in which the National League showed as much offensive gusto as this mostly-empty spray bottle of all-purpose cleaning agent sitting near me, the AL did not need more than the run Lee allowed to win the game.

But fortunately for the National League, David Wright wasn’t in charge of screwing up the team’s roster as well as the Home Run Derby squad.  Domonic Brown was allowed on the team, and as the current second place-holder of NL home runs, he was going to have a little power saved up from, again, not appearing in the Home Run Der oh he struck out.


He did so with Wright on first – the closest thing they could get to a ‘rally’ – and was followed in striking out swinging by Buster Posey.  No word yet on what horrible antagonistic thing Wright probably yelled at Brown to screw up his at-bat.  Probably something Wright thought was clever but wasn’t really that clever.

Next time, fellas! We’ve got a division to limp to the top of and then weakly fend off equally pathetic challengers.