Chase Utley Shows Rare Glimpse of Any Hint at Emotions


Ruben Amaro has stated he sees Chase Utley as a “Phillie for life.”  I’ve taken a  straw poll and can confirm that Phillies fans would rather eat a box of crayons than see Utley wear a different uniform.

But how does Chase feel about all this?  Not one for emotional outbursts, or bursts, or emotions, Chase has remained, as always, stoically quiet and/or visibly angry, even when he’s in the middle of committing three errors in a single nine inning period.

It may not have even come up to question Chase about his feelings, knowing the vacant state of his feelings in public.  But, trade deadline looming, free agency rearing its head, Chase had something to say.  And it wasn’t “get that ****ing camera out of my face,” or “…”

"“I’ve never envisioned wearing another team’s uniform.  And I know there’s a lot of speculation, but I still haven’t … that still hasn’t changed over the last month. I’ve talked to Ruben. I’ve told him what I think about the organization and city of Philly. That’s kind of where we’re at.”—Chase Utley via Todd Zolecki"

Yeah, no big deal, Chase loves us back, whatever.

Of course, if he didn’t say that first part, which experts say is totally a compliment, then you could be left wondering if what he thinks about the organization and city of Philly would necessarily be good things.  This can feel like a horrible place to live sometimes.  Just moments ago, I was stopped at an intersection when one of those inescapable hellish odors this city can produce wafted out of a nearby vent and didn’t stop curling my nose hairs until I was three or four blocks away.

Also, didn’t we just cut a bunch of schools and build an enormous prison?

But I think, given the positive nature of his initial statement, Chase’s conversation with Ruben was probably a nice one.  Or, as nice a conversation as two people can have when one of them is full of smug and the other’s principal means of communication is a ‘death stare.’

The stage seems to be set for Chase to not go anywhere.

Which means, of course, he’ll be swapped out for Alfonso Soriano tomorrow.